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Every business is different, just as every person is. You need to be clear and focused about your site's objectives and purposes. Whether it is one page or one hundred pages, it will define who you are to the world.
You need more than just a custom website for your business or yourself.

You need A Real Website.

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Extra Services

Add some interesting and useful services to your website such as:

Video Ads

Banner Ads


Flash Ads

You can also put your catalogs, books, magazines and newsletters online like never before.

To get started...
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Get Serious Online:

Lloyd Harrington

Ph: 678-357-6416
Fax: 888-900-8409


Whatever your interests, share them online with others, not just in your area but, around the world. Share your club or organization and maintain memberships online. Keep everyone up-to-date with the latest news and information in one place.


If you have a business, you can’t be without a website in today’s world. Increase your customer base and stay connected to your customers, 24 hours a day, every day. Quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Let your customers browse your catalogs online, print coupons and maps to your location, or view online specials.

Online Catalogs & Advertisements

Printable coupons for your customers
Expandable web sites for any number of items
Stay connected to your customers with e-mail ads
Password protect your web site or just certain pages


Add a Shopping Cart
Calculate and add shipping
Automatically add your state and local taxes
Accept - VISA, Discover, Master Charge, PayPal

Clubs and Organization

Polls and Surveys
Online newsletters
Bulletin Board forums


Online Invitations
Makes a unique gift
Online picture galleries
Share your favorite links

Personal E-mail accounts -

Lloyd Harrington
Tel:  (678) 357-6416
Fax: (888) 900-8409

We custom design your website, first by determining your needs. We create the website layout and determine the technology and navigation needed for your site.

For the web design layout, we help you to select colors, navigation styles, site features, new technology, and page layouts.

All websites are visually checked and submitted to search engines.

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